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Born and raised in a multicultural family – we present: Service provider of the month, Mr Delshad!

As he accepted many translation assignments and even a telephone interpreting assignment over the past month for us, we have chosen Mr Delshad as service provider of the month. The lingoking team would like to congratulate him and thank him for the pleasant cooperation, which has always been very straightforward.

“I see language as a reflection of a person’s essence.” – Interview with Carmen Odimba

For the month of August, the lingoking team chose our translator Ms. Carmen Odimba as our language service provider of the month. Ms. Odimba is a rather recent addition to the “lingoking crowd”, yet she has accepted quite a lot of assignments over the past few months which she always completed to our fullest satisfaction. We are more than happy to work with a translator as accommodating and reliable as read more…

It’s a crazy wor(l)d: The craziest languages in the world – and why

Tuvan. Wolof. Zazaki. – Have you ever even heard of them? Tuvan, Wolof and Zazaki are languages. Tuvan (also known as Tuvinian) is spoken by around 200,000 nomads who roam around southern Siberia and Mongolia. Wolof is one of the Niger-Congo languages. More than three million people in West Africa (mainly in Senegal) speak this exotic language. Zazaki, on the other hand, is the popular speech of the so-called Zaza, who read more…

German words on a journey – drifting all the way to Tanzania and Russia

We, as people, are not the only ones who like to travel, but various culinary dishes, traditional customs and even words have often travelled a great distance. Did you know that in Brazil for example, the German word “Schmier” (grease/oil/lubricant) that originates from the verb “schmieren” (to oil/grease/lubricate), is used for jam? This is only one of many German words that actually made their journey to another continent. Words that read more…

The longest day of the year – Midsommarfest in Sweden

Midsommarfest is celebrated in Sweden over these days, one of the most important traditional celebrations in all of Sweden. Originally this festival was celebrated on 24 June. Since 1953 it has taken place, according to the law, on the Saturday which falls between 20 and 26 June. Our German-Swedish translator Birger Öhberg tells us what he particularly likes about his homeland Sweden and how Midsommar is celebrated there.

lingoking interpreters acting as language professionals for protesters at the G7 summit

The G7 summit 2015 was held on 7 and 8 June at Schloss Elmau in Krün, Germany. This year’s event was attended by Angela Merkel (Germany), François Hollande (France), David Cameron (Great Britain), Matteo Renzi (Italy), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Stephen Harper (Canada) and Barack H. Obama (USA). The aim of the summit was to discuss topics that affect all these countries. The topics at this year’s G7 summit included international read more…

“The exciting thing for me is the variety.” – interview with Tracey Kimmeskamp, lingoking’s language services provider of the month

Always on time, always top-quality and always friendly – meet Tracey Kimmeskamp, our service provider of the month for May. She completed a high volume of projects for us last month and even squeezed some additional texts in between the jobs she was already working on. We really appreciate that kind of commitment. Thank you for the great collaboration and congratulations on being our May service provider of the month!

A “dominant” and a “subordinate” native language

Many translators and interpreters have grown up bilingual. They often have two native languages if they speak different languages with their mother and father or if their parents speak a different language to the local language of the country where they are living. If you meet people who have two native languages, some will tell you that – although they speak both languages very well – they always feel more read more…

lingoking service provider of the month in April: Translator and interpreter Olivier Cardonnel

This month, we would like to congratulate Olivier Cardonnel as service provider of the month. We are very much looking forward to introducing a “new” lingoking translator this time. Mr Cardonnel has taken on numerous assignments with us last month. We highly value his reliability and smooth communication process. We would like to thank him and congratulate him!