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Oh mango tree, oh mango tree – Christmas celebrations in other cultures

Christmas has many traditions: families celebrate together quietly, the Christmas tree is beautifully decorated, Christmas treats abound, and, of course, either Baby Jesus or Father Christmas brings us a huge pile of presents! But how is the birth of Christ celebrated by other cultures? In India, the lack of conifers leads to mango trees being decorated! We’ve put together a few more special Christmas traditions from other countries here:

Two beers or eight? – Different countries, different gestures

Who hasn’t been through it before: If you’re abroad and Latin is getting you nowhere, body language is the last resort. But be careful! If you don’t know what some gestures mean beforehand and use your hands and feet to make yourself understood in other cultures, you may have to use them to defend yourself instead! This is why we have put together a list of gestures whose meaning can read more…

The Last of their Kind – Languages Facing Extinction

“Haatelk Wäilkuumen!” –You have just been greeted in Saterland Frisian, a dialect spoken in a relatively small area in North-East Germany. According to differing estimates, Saterland Frisian is still used by just 1500 to 2500 speakers in the municipality of Saterland, in the district of Cloppenburg, North Germany. Saterland Frisian is only one of approximately 3000 languages that are, to a greater or lesser degree, endangered. Get to know a read more…

It’s a crazy wor(l)d: The craziest languages in the world – and why

Tuvan. Wolof. Zazaki. – Have you ever even heard of them? Tuvan, Wolof and Zazaki are languages. Tuvan (also known as Tuvinian) is spoken by around 200,000 nomads who roam around southern Siberia and Mongolia. Wolof is one of the Niger-Congo languages. More than three million people in West Africa (mainly in Senegal) speak this exotic language. Zazaki, on the other hand, is the popular speech of the so-called Zaza, who read more…

The longest day of the year – Midsommarfest in Sweden

Midsommarfest is celebrated in Sweden over these days, one of the most important traditional celebrations in all of Sweden. Originally this festival was celebrated on 24 June. Since 1953 it has taken place, according to the law, on the Saturday which falls between 20 and 26 June. Our German-Swedish translator Birger Öhberg tells us what he particularly likes about his homeland Sweden and how Midsommar is celebrated there.

“The exciting thing for me is the variety.” – interview with Tracey Kimmeskamp, lingoking’s language services provider of the month

Always on time, always top-quality and always friendly – meet Tracey Kimmeskamp, our service provider of the month for May. She completed a high volume of projects for us last month and even squeezed some additional texts in between the jobs she was already working on. We really appreciate that kind of commitment. Thank you for the great collaboration and congratulations on being our May service provider of the month!

lingoking is multicultural

The lingoking team is comprised of colleagues from a very broad range of countries, in which different cultural norms are standard. lingoking asked its employees which manners and customs are essential in their home country. When reading this article, please do be aware that the statements only indicate the subjective opinion of lingoking employees and do not represent prejudices or generally-accepted points of view. Find out which customs are the read more…