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Oh mango tree, oh mango tree – Christmas celebrations in other cultures

Christmas has many traditions: families celebrate together quietly, the Christmas tree is beautifully decorated, Christmas treats abound, and, of course, either Baby Jesus or Father Christmas brings us a huge pile of presents! But how is the birth of Christ celebrated by other cultures? In India, the lack of conifers leads to mango trees being decorated! We’ve put together a few more special Christmas traditions from other countries here:

How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 2: Christian, our CTO

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Most of us won’t yet be through with the task of finding and buying presents but have probably already given in to the temptations of gingerbread and mulled wine. Last week we reported on the holiday habits of Uno, our CCO, and today it’s our pleasure to continue our Advent series with lingoking’s CTO, Christian Koch. This much we can already tell you: he’s read more…