How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 4: Our managing director Nils

How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 4: Our managing director Nils

Just three days to go until Christmas! Some look forward to relaxing get-togethers with friends and family, others panic frantically on the hunt for last-minute presents. For us we feel a tinge of melancholy that our short introductory series with our managing director Nils Mahler is coming to an end.

Nils and lingoking

Nils is responsible for Sales and Marketing at lingoking. He is particularly interested in languages, because language services make it possible for humans to communicate with each other, where they wouldn’t have been able to in other circumstances. Nils discusses what gives him real pleasure in his work in an interview:

“We started small and to see that our initial idea has grown into a company with so many amazing employees is something that motivates us daily and it’s a lot of fun! We started as just an online platform for telephone interpreters back in 2010. Since then, lingoking has become a marketplace for all foreign language requirements, from text translations to interpreting for companies, local authorities and private individuals.”

As the founder and managing director, he invests a lot of time into making lingoking a success. But there has to be a little time left over for hobbies. When not at work, you will usually find Nils outdoors. In the summer he likes to go windsurfing and in the winter he grabs his snowboard from the basement and wreaks havoc on the local slopes!

Nils and Christmas

What does our managing director especially like about the Christmas period? It doesn’t take Nils long to answer: “Above all the food!” But that isn’t everything of course! Originally from Stuttgart, he obviously looks forward to the opportunity at Christmas to catch up with friends and family in his home city. He also takes much pleasure from seeing his nieces and nephews over the holidays.

Like every year, he will spend Christmas Eve decorating the Christmas tree with his father and brother-in-law and enjoy a cold drink in the evening, while his sister and the kids go to church. Then it’s time to unwrap some presents. Due to an old family tradition, the eldest goes first and the youngest last. To Nils’ relief, he is no longer that person since his nieces and nephews came along. Then it’s time to eat – once again it’ll be raclette on the table. Nils is particularly reminiscent of a previous Christmas party:

“One Christmas my father decided to get an inflatable artificial tree instead of the traditional pine tree for the living room. I believe it even had pink LED lights. And I can remember quite clearly that us kids just couldn’t stop laughing. But my grandma didn’t find it funny. Out of respect for her and because they’re simply a lot nicer, we have always had real Christmas trees since then.”

The year is drawing to an end. Much has changed and a lot has happened. 2016 awaits round the corner, with new exciting tasks and challenges. Nils wants to take this opportunity to say thank you:

“I’d like to wish all our employees, interpreters, translators and customers, as well as all of their relatives, a merry Christmas and happy holidays. And I would like to sincerely thank you all for the wonderful team work in 2015!”

We would also like to take the chance to thank Nils for the interview and wish him, and of course you too, a merry and blessed Christmas.