How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 4: Our director, Timo

How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 4: Our director, Timo

Over the last 14 days, the Advents calendar has become lighter and lighter, whilst we have become, if we’re honest, heavier and heavier. It comes as no surprise after all the Christmas parties and visits to the Christmas markets. 10 days to go before the big day and that means that it’s founder number three, director Timo Müller’s, turn in our festive series.

Timo and lingoking

Timo is responsible for the finance and operations departments at lingoking. He finds translation interesting because it can be used to tear down language barriers and overcome cultural obstacles. Translations can also help break down prejudices and rectify misconceptions. And that’s something we all want in times like these. What job could be better? Timo has told us what he especially enjoys about his work:

“Happy customers and colleagues, of course. That’s the most important thing. But something that’s a real motivation for me – and that really is fun – is watching how ideas slowly take shape. You come up with something as a team and gradually go about implementing it. And then you realise that it’s more than just an idea on paper: it’s really working. Our online marketplace is the perfect example. The project began around a year and a half ago, and has developed from being a conceptual idea to an implemented product. And you suddenly realise how customers and service providers use the marketplace and profit from it. It’s pretty cool and you get a real kick out of it.”

To unwind after work, Timo particularly enjoys mountaineering. In summer he likes to go on a hiking tour or two (this year they were far too few, unfortunately) and in winter he heads off for snowboarding on the piste. But his true passion is climbing. It seems like no route is too complicated for him and no climbing wall is too high.

Timo and Christmas

Our director is a real Christmas fan and enjoys the atmosphere in particular. Outside cold, inside warm… “just really cosy”. A visit or two to the Christmas market is a must and he even raves about the lights. However, he’s not so keen on garish, flickering, American-style illuminations.

Timo will go back to his hometown for Christmas and will spend Christmas Eve with his parents near Heidelberg. His three brothers will also drop in then over the holidays to make the family celebration complete. The Müllers have no Christmas traditions in particular, “except for dinner”, Timo finally concedes. On the table will be puff pastry parcels with ragout fin – mmm, sounds delicious!
There is, however, one absolute no-no (or a “sacred cow”, as Timo puts it): there’s no going out partying with mates on Christmas Eve. But when it comes to rescuing princesses from the clutches of an evil turtle, Timo is less strict and will rush to her aid with the help of a plumber in red overalls:

“My best Christmas present ever? I’ve had to think about that one carefully because I’m basically not a very material person. It’s not a big thing in my family and we don’t place great emphasis on Christmas presents. I’m happy when I get a little gift from somebody and I know that they’ve put a load of thought into it. Of course, it was different when I was a kid. If I think about what I got as presents when I was little, then one particular gift stands out as being the absolute hit: my first Gameboy. I came before the Pokemon generation and belong very much to the classic Super Marion faction. He still gets played today now and again. The Gameboy – that was definitely a highlight.”

Timo has no big personal wishes for the coming year because he’s very content with everything that he has. For lingoking, he wishes further growth and, of course, continued and growing use of the online marketplace. We would like to take this opportunity to wish him a happy and “really cosy” Advent and some lovely days at home.

Look forward to next week with lingoking’s director, Nils Mahler, as the memory of a pink Christmas palm brings a smile to his face.