How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 2: Christian, our CTO

How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 2: Christian, our CTO

Christmas is coming closer and closer. Most of us won’t yet be through with the task of finding and buying presents but have probably already given in to the temptations of gingerbread and mulled wine. Last week we reported on the holiday habits of Uno, our CCO, and today it’s our pleasure to continue our Advent series with lingoking’s CTO, Christian Koch. This much we can already tell you: he’s not the biggest fan of Christmas.

Christian and lingoking

Christian is responsible for the technical side of things and likes to refer to himself quite succinctly as the “tech”. He is particularly fond of working together with his team at lingoking. The team is small but, although he wishes it were a little bigger, the camaraderie is something he really enjoys. But who knows? Maybe Santa will bring him another little helper to support the tech-team next year. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to leave a little note on his wish-list. Christian ponders a lot on the topics of languages and translation, and has his own particular insight as a techie:

“I see languages as a barrier. And as a technician, I believe that we really have to reach the point sometime, where the translation of languages is completely automated so that there are no different interpretations of what is being said and everyone can understand it in the same way. Let’s take Portuguese as an example. There are certain words in both Brazilian Portuguese and in European Portuguese that are translated completely differently. That’s also the case for all other languages and can be one reason for conflict. But we’re putting the cart before the horse. Automated translation would be dependent on the creation of artificial intelligence and we don’t have that yet so the idea will have to remain an idea for now.”

Christian and Christmas

Christian and Christmas – not exactly a Hollywood romance. Comparing him to the Grinch would perhaps be an exaggeration but he is definitely no fan of the biggest feast of them all:

“Well, actually, I don’t like Christmas at all. For me, it’s just an ordinary day. I suppose there must have been a reason or religious motivation in the past for most people to get together with family at Christmas time but that’s just not the case for me anymore. In my case, it has just disappeared over the years and for that reason, Christmas time isn’t a particularly special time of the year for me.”

In contrast to Uno, Christian won’t be celebrating Christmas at home this year but rather in beautiful Barcelona. The Sagrada Família and the Casa Milà await him. He didn’t divulge in our interview what it is exactly that he wants to see but we can assume that we’ll hear all the details after his trip. He had at one point considered travelling to Prague and visiting his Czech tech-team while he was there. Of course, we hope that they won’t be too disappointed. His travel plans mean that Christian won’t be able to indulge in his favourite hobby – cooking – this Christmas. Who would have thought that Christian is very interested in home-style cooking as well as in haute cuisine? Currently, he’s experimenting with conservation processes such as smoking. But Christian isn’t fussy about what’s served up over Christmas. The most important thing is that it’s tasty and good quality.

Aside from the continued success of the lingoking online marketplace, Christian has only two wishes for the New Year: happiness and wealth. We thank Christian for the friendly interview and wish him a lovely and peaceful Christmas season. Maybe the magic of Christmas will return for him after all…

Look forward to a seasonal article next week on our director Timo Müller.