How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 1: Uno, our CCO

How do lingokings celebrate Christmas? Part 1: Uno, our CCO

It’s getting colder outside, the Christmas markets have opened their gates, the scent of mulled wine, cinnamon and chocolate wafts through the streets and Christmas lights illuminate our minds. We’ve thought up a treat for this very special time. In a nod to the Advent wreath, we’d like to invite you into the Advents of our founders, who will each present their personal Christmas celebrations.

Uno and lingoking

Uno Jüngling-Colic starts off our Advent series. As lingoking’s Chief Creative Officer, Uno is responsible for everything to do with graphics and design. He’d like to make your experience of our website as perfect as possible, and is constantly working on optimising usability.

Like many men, Uno enjoys computer games, but for an unusual reason:

“Because I create lots of user interfaces myself, I find lots of inspiration in computer games. Lots of the latest, very experimental ideas are tried out there and, obviously, only the things that work make it into the game. If the user interface doesn’t work, a game doesn’t become popular, so that means that by playing popular games, I come across good interfaces.“

For many people, Christmas is also a time to look back and contemplate. Uno is also taking the time to reflect, because since lingoking was founded, things have changed quite a bit. Five years ago, lingoking got started with its innovative telephone interpreting service, and proceeded to prove itself as an all-round language service provider. What is it that makes lingoking so successful and extraordinary? Uno has the answer:

“In many respects, lingoking is very similar to other start-ups. But what makes us different is our staff culture. We made sure to cultivate that with each other very early on, and have always tried to keep the hierarchies quite relaxed in order to enable open conversation and exchange of ideas. I think that our staff is what makes lingoking so special.”

Uno’s Christmas celebration

Everyone celebrates Christmas differently. Some people celebrate at home with their loved ones, while others escape the cold winter weather and enjoy the Christmas period in warmer climes. For some, Christmas is a very special time of the year, while for others it’s just an opportunity to enjoy good food. What is Christmas like for Uno?

In the last few years, Uno and his family have spent most Christmases here in beautifully-decorated Munich, and that’s the plan for this year too. He’s really looking forward to this year’s Christmas get-together – the gathering of 16 of Uno’s family and friends. For him, Christmas is a contemplative time, a time for focusing on the important things in life. Uno especially enjoys the social side of Christmas, sitting together with friends and family, eating, drinking, and talking. His personal highlight is listening to the angelic sound of his daughter’s annual flute playing. His wife looks after Secret Santa and the presents. Food is a very special element of Christmas in the Jüngling-Colic house.

“Naturally, my wife provides the Christmas goose, but I contribute a bit of Croatian culture. Something a bit unusual is that we, my mother and I, fast on Christmas Eve, so we barely eat anything until midnight. My Mama follows a sort-of early Christian fasting maxim which rules out animal products. In principle, there’s not much else you can eat. So it’s really a test of wills, because everywhere smells of food. So we really look forward to night-time, when the clock strikes midnight and we can tuck in.”

Uno’s best Christmas was in 2007, when Father Christmas came a couple of days early and laid a daughter under the tree. The way his eyes sparkled during the interview shows that it really was Uno’s best Christmas.

In a time when bad feeling seethes on every corner and people everywhere get tangled up in conflict, world peace, as cliché as it may sound, is Uno’s wish for the coming year. We hope that his wish comes true and wish him a great Christmas period.

Look forward to a post about Christian Koch, lingoking’s CTO, coming out next week.