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Training as a language service provider: How do I become a translator or interpreter?

As the language services agency with the largest Germany-wide database of certified interpreters and translators, we at lingoking are often asked how you actually enter these professions. Because I am a trained translator myself, I can really understand this interest, and therefore want to give a small overview of the different routes into the interpreting and translating professions. Many roads lead to Rome This saying fits the language services sector read more…

Bonzur, ki maniere? – The Creole Languages

They are called Gullah, Kreol morisien, Ngola, Chabacano, Nubi, Negerhollands or Unserdeutsch and are as varied as the languages out of which they emerged. We’re talking about Creole languages! Who speaks them? Where are they spoken? How did they develop? Come with us this week on an expedition into the world of these exciting languages!

The Last of their Kind – Languages Facing Extinction

“Haatelk Wäilkuumen!” –You have just been greeted in Saterland Frisian, a dialect spoken in a relatively small area in North-East Germany. According to differing estimates, Saterland Frisian is still used by just 1500 to 2500 speakers in the municipality of Saterland, in the district of Cloppenburg, North Germany. Saterland Frisian is only one of approximately 3000 languages that are, to a greater or lesser degree, endangered. Get to know a read more…