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The Last of their Kind – Languages Facing Extinction

“Haatelk Wäilkuumen!” –You have just been greeted in Saterland Frisian, a dialect spoken in a relatively small area in North-East Germany. According to differing estimates, Saterland Frisian is still used by just 1500 to 2500 speakers in the municipality of Saterland, in the district of Cloppenburg, North Germany. Saterland Frisian is only one of approximately 3000 languages that are, to a greater or lesser degree, endangered. Get to know a read more…

The joy he gets from interpreting sets him apart – an interview with Gabriel Aquilino

The lingoking team has chosen Mr Gabriel Aquilino as service provider of the month for October. We really appreciate his hard work. He is a highly qualified interpreter who can keep his cool in even the trickiest of situations and works very professionally. Many congratulations on your nomination as service provider of the month!

Happy Birthday, Wikidata!

On 29th October 2015 Wikimedia Germany extended invitations to celebrate Wikidata’s third birthday as a registered non-profit organisation. Two interpreters from lingoking joined the anniversary celebrations. Wikimedia Germany and Wikidata The most well-known project of the not-for-profit association, founded in 2004, is probably Wikipedia, whose aim is to make knowledge freely available. Wikimedia Germany is one of 40 independent national organisations, and with its 24 000 members, it is one read more…

5 Interesting Facts about Thanksgiving

Did you know that at the very first Thanksgiving meal not a single turkey was eaten? Impress your dinner guests with a few interesting anecdotes about this American holiday!