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iPEK International GmbH uses interpreters from lingoking for engineering training for its Japanese service partner

In an interview, Karl-Heinz Preßler, Service Manager at iPEK, discusses collaboration with lingoking. What does your company do? The iPEK Group, which belongs to a highly successful international group, is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of sewer inspection systems. We develop and produce video inspection systems for sewer inspections. With our products, we offer the right parts and tools for all applications. These are developed and read more…

My work served as a saviour in a time of crisis

Today, we are going to introduce you to another member of our translator crowd – Ksenija Kitaeva. She is from Donetsk in Ukraine, which is currently a conflict-ridden region, where war and unrest prevail. In this article, she describes how she can work as a translator despite the difficult situation:

10 tips for everyday life as a freelance language services provider

Life as a translator and interpreter has many benefits. However, the profession also has its drawbacks, which can often lead to problems and stressful situations for these service providers. After a brief description of the problems that this group of professionals faces, we would like to give all freelancers a series of tips and tricks that can make everyday life considerably easier.